Class Fees

Payment is due the first day of class.

TKC Member Instructor

                                                               All Classes except                                         Puppy & Family Dog

                                                                    6 week class                                                     8 week class

         Exempt                                                                  $ 40                                                                                $ 40        

          Members with hours                                              $ 65                                                                                $ 85                                   

          Members without hours                                         $ 95                                                                                $105                          

          Non-Members                                                       $125                                                                                $120                           

          Rescue (Puppy & Family Dog)                                                                                                                     $ 75

          Junior (under 18)                                                   $ 40                                                                                $ 40                             


*Exempt members include: instructors, assistant instructors, officers, board members, all show committee chairpersons, membership chairperson, education chairperson, and "service" dogs. Members with hours or exempt members will be given preference and placed

at the top of any class waiting list. Any exempt member who signs up for a class and does not show will not be allowed to sign up for

the next class or must pay the full $125.00 fee, if they wish to register ln advance.  Drop-ins will be allowed at classes taught by TKC instructors at their discretion.


If a class is designated as “Run Thrus”, the cost for each class is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members. No other discounts are allowed.

Complete Registration Form and Print Coupon and bring to class.

Coupon Only Good for Full Price STAR Puppy or Family Dog Class.
Cannot be combined with any other discounts