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Trials and Events

Talbot Kennel Club offers a number of events in the form of trials, seminars, workshops and run-throughs  throughout the year.

What is the Difference?

Tests: Tests are used to certify to a sanctioning organization that you and the dog have trained in, and are able to, demonstrate certain skills.  The sanctioning organization awards the dog a title if you pass the test successfully.

Trials:  These are like tests, except that you are earning a score which enables you to compete against other handler/dog teams.  Trials are usually grouped into competitively balanced ‘classes’ which are grouped by categories such as experience (examples are : Novice/Open/Excellent, Starters/Advanced/Masters) and/or such things as the dog’s age or height at the withers.  Regardless of how you place score-wise within the class, if the dog’s performance satisfies some basic criteria, you earn either a title or a qualifying ‘leg’ (often nicknamed a ‘Q’)  towards a title.

Run-throughs: These are practice trials offered at a reduced fee which are not sanctioned by any organization (so you can’t earn any title).  Some run-throughs will allow you to use food and/or toys.

Seminars:  These are lectures for a particular sport or skill within a sport that are given by a recognized expert on that sport/skill.  Most, but not all seminars, feature “working” spots where you and your dog will have the opportunity to work with the subject expert, and “audit” spots where you can attend the lecture but not participate with your dog.

Workshops:  These are “one shot” extended training sessions with a limited number of working spots that focus on a particular skill and are taught by someone expert in that skill.

Click on any of the events listed in the Trials and Events listing to learn about current offerings.

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