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Class Rules

  1.  All dogs must be on a 6-foot leash, no flexi. Shorter leashes are permissible.


  2.  Your dog must be under your control at all times. Do not let your dog come up to another dog they are unfamiliar with. Because of    

       this, children should not bring dogs into the class until they know how to properly handle the dog.


  3.  Children are very much encouraged to attend, but must be quiet and cannot run in the building.


  4.  You must clean up after your dog. The areas to potty your dog are the edges of the parking lot and the grassy area at the front of the 



  5.  If class is in session, stay behind the gating. Please be considerate of the class in session and do not go into the training area until  

       the next class is scheduled to start.


  6.  Aggressive dogs are not allowed in class if they can not be controlled by the owner. It is up to the head instructor if an aggressive  

       dog may be allowed to stay in a class.


  7.  Limit side conversations during the class, so everyone can hear the instructor.


  8.  Once your scheduled class is over, you need to immediately clear the training area if there is a next class scheduled. If you would    

       like to talk to the instructor or fellow classmates, please take your conversation outside the training area.


  9.  It is the expectation that students assist the instructors in setting up and returning equipment to their proper storage locations.


10.  Food trash or food items should be thrown away in the outside trashcan. No food should be left out in the building.


11.  No personal or training items should be placed on the shelving. Personal items can be placed in the plastic milk crates or stored next

       to the student seating on the floor or on the seating.


12.  Any treats or food left behind will be thrown away. This is to discourage pests.


13.  Classes are cancelled when the state’s snow emergency plan is in effect, when there are travel advisories in effect in the Ridgley area

       or at the discretion of each class instructor.  Every reasonable effort will be made to inform the students of a class being cancelled.


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