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Performance Obedience Classes

These classes are for dogs planning to work towards AKC Obedience titles. Training is done with reward-based methods that are fun for both the dog and you. Behavior skills include heeling, staying, accepting a judge's examination, coming when called, off-lead heeling, long sits and downs, retrieving, and jumps.

Obedience/Rally Primer


This class has been designed to show novice handlers how to shape Obedience behaviors and provide a fun learning environment for more experienced handlers through the use of Rally stations. This class will be limited to eight teams who have completed Puppy and/or Family Dog class.

Novice Obedience Skills


Improve your dog's attention while working on the skills needed for AKC Novice Obedience title.  Skills taught include heeling, stays, recalls and stand for exam.

Open Obedience Skills


You will learn how to teach your dog the skills required to compete for an AKC Open Obedience title.  Teams will continue to work on their heeling using skills learned in the Novice class  and will learn the retrieve on the flat and over the jump, broad jump, drop on recall and command discrimination.

Open Obedience Run-Thrus


For teams currently competing in AKC Open. Each team will get time to practice the skills required for Open Obedience competition.

Utility Obedience Skills


Dogs will be taught the skills needed to compete for AKC Utility title. Utility class skills including signals, moving stand, directed jumping, directed retrieves and scent discrimination will be introduced. Dogs will also continue to work on their heeling skills

Utility Obedience Run-Thrus


For teams currently competing in AKC Utility. Each team will be scheduled for 15 minutes to practice their Utility skills

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