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405 West Bell Rd Unit 6
Ridgely, MD 21660

Training with Kindness and Compassion

It all begins here!

  • Do "welcome home" jumps ruin your clothing when you walk through the door?  Performance or Family Obedience can

       re-direct that excitement!

  • Can your fur baby hurdle the sofa and take your spot at TV time?  Agility might be in your future!

  • Is your shadow a thinker who really understands you?  A Rally title makes a nice thank you gift!

  • Does your bubbly buddy strut whenever there's an audience?  That's a winning distinction in the Conformation ring!

  • Just contact us and we will lead you in the right direction that meets your needs.

Talbot Kennel Club offers many  classes

  • Puppy and Family Dog

  • AKC Agility

  • AKC Performance Obedience

  • AKC Scent Work


Visit these pages to learn more about our education program.